New Education Majority

whitepaper-cover2K-12 public education has reached a critical juncture for our nation.

For the first time in American history, the majority of students in the public school system are students of color. These students are the “new education majority.”

The “New Education Majority” poll seeks to capture the beliefs of new majority parents and families so that decisionmakers can make better choices about the education our children receive. It provides quantitative and qualitative data that reveals the actual perspectives, aspirations and concerns that new majority parents and families have of their children’s education and of the education system itself. As annual research, we believe this important data will be useful to all decisionmakers who have a responsibility for educating all children as well as advocates seeking to engage and empower communities of color in education policy reform.

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Attitudes and Beliefs of Black parents and families from the poll

Attitudes and Beliefs of Latino parents and families from the poll