Unfinished Business

Civil Rights News: SCOTUS to Hear Another Affirmative Action Case; Pres. Obama Ready for an Immigration Bill

Compiled by Philomena Ogalo, a Spring 2013 intern at The Leadership Conference Education Fund

Supreme Court to wade into affirmative action — again
Richard Wolf
USA Today

The Supreme Court is now scheduled to hear another affirmative action case from Michigan where a voter referendum was placed on the ballot in 2006, removing racial preferences from being used in both state universities and government hiring. This ballot measure passed by a small margin and it is believed that the reason that the Supreme Court is taking the case is because the current case being decided by the Supreme Court, Fisher vs. University of Texas, will not provide a clear end to the “debate” on affirmative action. This case is predicted to be heard in the Fall.

Obama wants immigration overhaul ‘as soon as possible’
Aamer Madhani
USA Today

At a recent naturalization ceremony for 28 immigrants, President Obama pushed for Congress to hasten passage of immigration reform legislation. President Obama continues to urge for a pathway to citizenship. The president says he is ready to sign a bill into law but it a compromise bill has yet to clear both the House and Senate.