Unfinished Business

Civil Rights News: Women in Combat; Looming Budget Cuts; Senate Unveils Immigration Framework

Compiled by Philomena Ogalo, a Spring 2013 intern at The Leadership Conference Education Fund

Women Could Serve in Combat in Afghanistan
Anna Mulrine
Christian Science Monitor

Now that the top defense officials in the nation signed a memo lifting the ban of women in combat, there has been much talk about when women will be on the front lines. It seems that officials say that women may be on the front lines before the war in Afghanistan ends.

Threat of Automatic Cuts Costly to Federal Agencies
Lisa Rein
Washington Post

As Congress continues to remain gridlocked over the budget deficit, many federal agencies are paying the price. Krissah Thompson of The Washington Post says that “if Democrats and Republicans cannot end their deficit standoff by March 1, the automatic cuts will kick in across the country.”

Senators Agree on Blueprint for Immigration
Julia Preston
New York Times

After much debate in Congress, the U.S. Senate unveiled a framework for reforming the nation’s immigration laws. Julia Preston of The New York Times reported that the bipartisan framework was achieved by “incorporating the Democrats’ insistence” on one single bill and combining “Republican demands” for a border and interior enforcement.